Spirit of Play Community School nurtures children to become active and engaged learners.

Your child will enjoy everyday adventures out of doors, and a purposeful, nature-based curriculum that will help them to set and attain their personal goals.


We welcome you to contact us for a tour of the school with our Principal. Inquire about a free trial for your child.

“When we as leaders can provide an atmosphere of sensitive discovery and direct experience, nature is able to change peoples lives spontaneously in wonderful ways”
-Joseph Cornell, pioneering artist (1903-1972).

Spirit of Play students learning outdoors

Spirit of Play offers a fresh approach to Kindergarten and Primary School Education, in Denmark, WA

“We love the creative learning approach, the love received by the children and the individual support.”
Parent, 2018.

If your family values both creative exploration, and firm academic foundations, then this is the educational journey to choose.

We are open for expressions of interest all year round. Contact us today if you would like to find out more.

“This is a wonderful place for a child to learn skills essential to living a happy, balanced and productive life.”
Serena Kirby, Literacy Specialist, 2020.

Our regular Walkabout sessions provide children with age-appropriate outdoor extension activities from Pre-Primary onwards. Children walk and bike ride regularly, swim occasionally, climb often, and music is interwoven into each day.

Plant the seeds for your child’s future

Everything we do at Spirit of Play is about nurturing kids and adults. We do this by connecting with ourselves, with each other, with our community, and with our environment.

The school was founded by parents, and today is governed and supported by parent participation. It is this participation and belonging that gives the school a strong and loving family feel.

“Spirit of play is a rich community as well as school, where my child is held and his growth nurtured as if by family.”
Parent, 2018

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Photo of two Spirit of Play students playing together outside

Photo of Spirit of Play student playing outdoors

Serious about play

At Spirit of Play, we teach good custodianship of the environment and respect for our elders, our ancestry and the original custodians of our land. We do this with a sense of playfulness, discovery and joy. We learn through music, song, play, and sharing language, culture and ideas.

Our school community comes together in a spirit of exploration, investigation, and wonder. We support and inspire each other.

Through this approach we tackle the challenges of living and striving; attaining our personal goals, respecting each other’s learning space, and working together as a team.

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