Photo of Spirit of play students sitting on the floor during music class

Music Sessions

Each class has a specific music session once a week with our specialist music teacher Lena Grayson. These lessons are structured to reflect the changing seasons. The lessons seek to deepen the children’s skills and understandings of the key songs for each season, as they come across them year after year.

In music we do a lot of singing (many songs are learned using sign language) and movement to music, combined with activities that focus on particular components of making music.

The emphasis in these sessions is on learning and building skills through enjoyment and fun and nurturing an appreciation and love of music – a gift and opportunity that every child deserves.

Through dance (folk as well as freestyle), the children develop basic concepts of social, creative, physical, emotional and musical skills. It also has a very multicultural aspect in exposing children to other cultures and nations. The main purpose of folk dance with young kids is to have fun, dance as much as possible in time to the music and develop love of dancing.

Some aspects of music we explore include repeating rhythm patterns, distinguishing between rhythm and beat, high notes and low notes, moving from the pentatonic to the diatonic C Major scale, loud and soft and appreciating a wide range of musical styles and instruments.

In the process we build stronger foundations for the children’s future musical education, by developing skills in the basic musical concepts such as beat, rhythm and pitch

We also participate in national programs such as “Music Count Us In” and regional events such as the annual Music Aviva program.

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