Sarah Pozzi

I have been working at Spirit of Play since it began in 1999. Back then I was a parent with my own young children, looking for an alternative education for them.

I really wanted somewhere that offered small classes, lots of outdoor exploration and focused on nurturing the children as whole beings.

When Spirit of Play began I got involved, finished my teaching degree and have worked here ever since!

What attracted me to the school was its strong connection to nature and the Denmark environment, and its strong and supportive community. I also loved the idea of children being listened to and valued and given the opportunity to be highly involved in their own learning.

I enjoy working with children as they remind me to broaden my perspectives – there are so many different ways to look at the world around us. I love their joy of discovery and those “a-ha!” moments. I love having a job where I get to learn and have fun with children everyday and work with dedicated, enthusiastic and creative staff.

I bring to my work my experience as a parent of three children of my own and my love of being outside – whether in my garden and orchard, and exploring nature in the bush or at the beach, and my life on a 15 household vibrant community.

Spirit of Play has taught me that providing a nurturing, rich and challenging education for children is hard work, takes a lot of time and dedication but is deeply rewarding for all involved – the children, families and staff.

One piece of advice for parents would be – don’t push your children to grow up too fast!

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