Zoe Car


I have been involved with Spirit of Play since 2009 when my elder daughter started Kindy here. I quickly became an involved parent and served on the School Council for 4 years before transitioning to an administrative role in 2016 where I assist the Principal in the areas of governance, registration and compliance, and school expansion.

I’ve always loved the small and intimate nature of this school, where the staff are close knit and see the students as part of our extended family. I love watching all the children grow and blossom into such sparky individuals.

Prior to working at Spirit of Play I spent many years working on my Doctorate in Environmental Management. Through my research I was able to meet and work with Indigenous communities north of Broome and assist them in setting up a community Ranger program to look after marine turtles and dugong. I think that the work I did then has really helped me in my role at the School, as I had to develop good listening and collaboration skills when working with diverse community groups and organisations.

My biggest challenge is often to resist the urge make everything happen immediately, I can get pretty impatient with government processes and bureaucracy at times; but I have learnt to slow down and reduce my expectations of myself and the systems I work with.

A highlight of my time with the School has been the chance to watch this amazing place grow from such a small size to the thriving organisation it is now. I am really looking forward to seeing what the future will bring as we transition to a new school site and become a full Primary School.