Angela Dickinson

I have been an education assistant at Spirit of Play since February, 2014. Prior to this I have worked with children with special needs. I have a Diploma in Conservation and Land Management and have worked as a bush regenerator and as a ranger in Kakadu National Park. I have a degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry and have worked in research.

All my children attended the school and I was actively involved in the parent management committee. As a parent I was attracted to the school because of the holistic, environmental and cultural education. The school community was very inclusive and had a welcoming feel. It was like an extended family. I loved that input from parents was sought into running of school. All staff work together towards a shared vision.

At Spirit of Play children are nurtured and happy. I believe that education should be holistic and more than just ‘academic’, that children need skills to carry them through life. They need to be encouraged and supported to do their best. I hope to install a love of learning that will continue through life. I love the way that the environment surrounding us is incorporated into learning. Also, that the children are free to “experiment” and learn through experiences.

Since working at Spirit of Play I have learnt that getting to know children is very important and that young children like ‘rhythm’ for the day – it helps to “hold” them. The highlight for me is Friday Walkabouts, being in nature with children and learning with them, whatever presents itself.

I hope that the up and coming generation have respect for the environment and each other, that they are able to be creative, happy and fore-fill their dreams.

For Denmark I hope the sense of community stays strong, and that it keeps the friendly, caring atmosphere.

For the school I hope it continues to expand in a sustainable way and stays committed to its principles irrespective of who is working there.

A quote from my daughter about the school; “At Spirit of Play I was free to do things my way for example when we were finger painting we weren’t told which finger to use”