Serena Kirby

I have been fortunate enough to be an Education Assistant at Spirit of Play since the start of 2014. The experience has been life changing and life enriching.

My first impression of the school was that of a warm hug – where children are nurtured, guided and encouraged. I’ve always believed in building resilience in children (including my own), fostering problem solving and learning life skills. Many of these come from leaning about nature and taking calculated risks, and the manner in which Spirit of Play integrates this into everyday learning was very appealing.

I am qualified EA, who as worked on contract with numerous other local schools. I have a love of literature, art and culture, have travelled extensively and worked for many years in the high pressure corporate world, before relocating to Denmark in 2004 and retraining as an EA. Away from school life, I am an author of a reference and self-help book for women who become first time mothers later in life entitled Better Late Than Never Baby. But my greatest achievement is becoming a mother and raising a vibrant, sensitive and happy young son.

Lessons have been many, during my time at Spirit of Play, but what I have learnt about Noongar culture has certainly enriched my life.

Each day brings new highlights but the purest one of all is seeing the children’s faces when they enthusiastically greet me each morning.

I would tell parents that this is a wonderful place for a child to learn skills essential to living a happy, balanced and productive life.