Kanae Jones

I have been working at Spirit of Play as an education assistant, since 2015.

I was first attracted to the school in 2010 after moving to Denmark from Japan and joined the playgroup with my children. I was immediately charmed by the school surroundings, nestled amongst the lush bush and beautiful river.

I was fascinated by how the children learned through nature, making the most of Denmark’s dynamic environment, and impressed by the school’s emphasis on aboriginal culture.

My past working experiences in a cross-cultural environment, first at a pharmaceutical company as an international liaison person and then as an exchange student coordinator at one of the universities, help me to appreciate and respect the diversity in each individual, and to understand that respect, kindness and compassion binds us all together beyond any differences we may have.

Each day I am inspired by how the children are one hundred percent present at all times, and by the beautiful expressions of wonder I see on their faces.

My wish is for the children to find their places in this world, to find themselves, and to find their passion. I believe free imaginative play and connection with nature in early childhood plays a significant role in developing children’s sense of awareness and attentiveness. I feel privileged to work at Spirit of Play where I see these things being realised.

I consider my role as supporting each child to learn in a nurturing, creative environment, and helping them to fulfill their potential as individuals and contribute to the wellbeing of the community.